How it works



Complete Therefore onboarding — a brief learning component that will set you up to get the most out of your info interviews.



Within 48 hours, Therefore matches you with at least three professionals to meet with from companies that are looking for potential candidates. We match for info interviews based on your areas of interest and their areas of expertise.



Every week we'll help you make three new connections. Because we know that practice makes perfect, consistency is key, and the most valuable insights come from sharing our experience and learning from the experiences of others.

Therefore Community Guidelines

Therefore harnesses the power of connection. We bring people together who might not otherwise have the chance to meet, knowing that some of these interactions will spark unexpected benefits. Every conversation holds the potential for further expanding one's network of connections, building confidence in our own skin, uncovering new opportunities, and creating longer-term working alliances — even friendships.

Whatever the outcome, each person comes to the meeting with the gift of time and attention. To honor this truth — and provide good experiences for all — we require that each person who participates in Therefore agrees to the following commitments.

Show Up!

People are busy! We get that, and we know that rescheduling is sometimes necessary. If something does prevent you from keeping your scheduled time, give notice at your very first opportunity. Be on time for meetings and ready to focus on your new connection.

Respect Others

Candid, authentic conversations require trust. Always treat others with dignity, respect, and civility. Honor people's privacy. Some people will be conducting confidential job searches, others will want to know what it's like working for specific companies. You'll get the best information from others if you treat them with the appropriate level of respect and discretion.

Practice Openness & Curiosity

We encourage every member of our community to come to conversations with a sense of curiosity, some good questions, and an open mind. Talent and insight come from many different places and profiles. Everyone is an expert in something and we all know something that others don't. Be open to the possibility that you can learn from someone with a different background, unusual career path, or non-executive job title — those might actually be the people you can learn from the most. When we embrace the perspectives of others and practice a willingness to try new experiences, the benefits are priceless: fresh insights on the world, a reexamination of our own perspectives, a broader and more optimistic worldview, personal growth — and so much more.

Value Authenticity

Personal authenticity is core to building meaningful connections and connecting with others does not mean changing your personality. It’s natural to feel nervous around first-calls with strangers, but we’ll give you the tools to help your natural self shine. And you’ll be better and more confident at connecting with every call.

Unacceptable Behavior

Therefore does not tolerate intimidating, harassing, abusive, discriminatory, derogatory, or demeaning conduct. If someone is deemed to be acting unacceptably, we will take appropriate action, including removing someone from future matches. If you are subject to unacceptable behavior, witness such behavior, or have any other concerns, please message us at right away. Thank you for helping us create a healthy community.